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Low Blood Pressure on Hemodialysis

2014-02-22 23:30

Low Blood Pressure on HemodialysisIt is known to all that hemodialysis will bring a series of side-effects to patients with kidney disease. Low blood pressure is the common one. Do you know why patients suffer from low blood pressure while on dialysis? This article will give you the answer.

Bad effects of low blood pressure.

Usually, when kidney function declines to below 15% or patients experience obvious symptoms, hemodialysis is needed to relieve symptoms and to sustain life. But it is a fact that many side-effects will occur during or after hemodialysis. The incidence of low blood pressure on dialysis is as high as 20%-30%. Frequent low blood pressure not only bring patients a lot of pain, but also cause trouble to the progress of hemodialysis. Furthermore, it will increase the reduction of residual kidney function.

Why does low blood pressure happen while on hemodialysis?

As we all know, the blood pressure is affected by three factors: the function of heart, blood volume and vascular resistance. The followings are the causes of low blood pressure on hemodialysis.

A. The decline of blood volume. If the dehydration is too fast while on dialysis, the fluid in tissue space cannot refill the blood in time, resulting in inadequate blood volume. So low blood pressure will occur.

B. The vascular tension is declined. This may be contributed by low calcium dialysate and high temperature dialysate. In addition, if you take food during dialysis, you are more likely to develop low blood pressure. This is because taking food during dialysis will increase the secretion of insulin, causing abnormal vasodilation and low blood pressure.

C. Heart function disorder. Because of low calcium dialysate or acetate dialysate, the contractive and diastolic function of heart is in disorder. So low blood pressure will occur.

Low blood pressure on hemodialysis is common and hard to deal with. You can send an email to for tips about what to do with low blood pressure on hemodialysis. Best wishes!

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