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Why the Patients with Kidney Failure Need to Receive Dialysis

2014-05-21 01:24

For the patients with kidney failure, dialysis is one of the important treatments. At present, many patients with kidney failure are relying on dialysis to maintain life. So, why the patients with kidney failure need to receive dialysis?

why the patients with kidney failure need to receive dialysis?

Kidney is one of the five major organs in our body. It can adjust our inherent balance, for example, it can remove our excess water and metabolic product, maintain our electrolyte and acid-base balance, secrete hormone, and so on. When the kidney is damaged severely, it can not work normally any more, so the patients will suffer from a series complications and health problems.

Dialysis is just a kidney replacement therapy to help kidney remove the excess water and metabolic product and correct the balance of electrolyte and acid-base. Thus, dialysis can provide a stable environment to control the complications and block the progress of kidney failure.

When should the patients with kidney failure start to require dialysis?

For the patients with chronic kidney failure, when their kidneys fail to work, and there are many toxins and wastes accumulating in their body, they need to receive dialysis to maintain the homeostasis.

For the patients with acute kidney failure, because their kidney function decreases severely and complications is obvious. So they need to take acute dialysis to protect their kidneys. Once their kidney function is recovered, they should get rid of dialysis.

In conclusion, the dialysis time needs to depend on their illness condition. If their creatinine level or BUN level rises severely, but they have no obvious symptoms, such as nausea and vomiting, itching,there is no need to receive dialysis. But if the patients have severe electrolyte disorder, especially serum potassium is over 6.5mmol/L, or they have severe acidosis, PH<7.1, or they have obvious edema and have the signs of heart failure, they need to receive dialysis at once.

Above all, the reason why the patients with kidney failure need to receive dialysis is given. Though dialysis can take some effects to treat kidney failure, it is not the best treatment for kidney failure. Any questions, chat with our online doctor.

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