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Hiccups and High Fever with IgA Kidney Disease after Dialysis

2014-05-24 20:29

Hiccups and High Fever with IgA Kidney Disease after DialysisMany patients with IgA kidney disease after dialysis often experience hiccups and high fever, which affects their daily life seriously. So, what cause hiccups and high fever with IgA kidney disease after dialysis? Next, please see the following.

What cause hiccups after dialysis?

The normal kidneys have the functions of producing urine to filter out the extra fluid and metabolic products, regulating blood volume and blood pressure by releasing erythropoietin and rennin, adjusting electricity and acid-base balance, producing vitamin D that keeps the bones strong and healthy, etc. Though dialysis can help the patients remove the extra fluid and small molecular metabolic wastes, it can not take place of kidneys to finish other works. Thus, electrolyte imbalance will occur, which is one of the factors that cause hiccups. One more point, some medicines also can cause hiccups, such as steroid.

What cause high fever after dialysis?

After dialysis, the patients will become weaker and is easy to be infected. However, if infection is not treated timely, high fever is easy to attack the patients. Besides, cooling dialyzate also can cause some discomfort, which may cause fever.

In conclusion, hiccups and high fever with IgA kidney disease can be caused by dialysis. If severe hiccups and high fever occur during dialysis, it is necessary for the patients to withdraw from dialysis. Except dialysis, there are many natural treatments for IgA kidney disease in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Immunotherapy, and medicated bath therapy, etc.

Now, let us talk about Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. This therapy can repair the damaged kidney cells, improve the kidney function and block the progression of kidney fibrosis. Thus, it can treat IgA kidney disease from root and help you get rid of dialysis. If possible, it can reverse your illness condition with the help of some other natural treatments, such as Du moxibustion therapy, foot bath therapy or oral medicine therapy, etc.

If you are suffering from hiccups and high fever with IgA kidney disease after dialysis, you are recommended to try some natural treatments. If you are interested in our treatments, you can send an email to, or leave a message below.

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