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Causes, Damage and Treatments for Low Blood Pressure after Dialysis

2014-06-12 14:57

When it comes to dialysis, we may come up with kidney failure. Yes, dialysis is a common treatment for the End-Stage Kidney Disease, because it can help the patients remove the excess metabolites and toxins to slow down the progress of disease. But some patients after dialysis maybe troubled by low blood pressure, and they have no idea of the causes of low blood pressure after dialysis. In view of this, we write this article to explain the causes, damage and treatments of low blood pressure after dialysis, we hope you can benefit from it.

The causes of low blood pressure after dialysis:

A. Irregular dialysis.

Irregular dialysis can increase the ultrafiltration and decrease the efficient blood volume, which can lead to the blood pressure decreasing.

B. Damaged kidney.

Kidney has the function of adjusting blood pressure, while the damaged kidney fail to work and the blood pressure may decrease.

C. Medicines.

Some medicines also can contribute to low blood pressure, such as antihypertensive drugs.

Besides, some other causes also can lead to low blood pressure, such as extra liquid intake.

The damage of low blood pressure after dialysis:

Once experience low blood pressure, the patients may suffer from a series of discomforts, such as dizziness, fatigue, slurred speech and even coma, which can seriously affect their life.

The treatments of low blood pressure after dialysis:

1. Improve heart function: keep dialysis three times a week, and improve anemia.

2. Take antihypertensive drugs properly, because over dosage of these medicines may cause low blood pressure.

3. Take some normal salime properly before dialysis.

The knowledge about the causes, damage and treatments of low blood pressure after dialysis is listed, if there is anything you do not understand, please consult our online doctors or leave them below.

Besides, if you are a dialysis patient, we can help you get rid of dialysis and live a better life. There are many natural treatments for kidney disease in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Blood purification, Cupping Therapy and so on. If you want to know about them, you can send an email to, and we will reply you as soon as possible. We sincerely hope we can relieve your pain and help you live a normal life.

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