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What to Do When A Patient Suffer from Low Blood Pressure after Dialysis

2014-06-20 17:24

Dialysis, a common solution among kidney failure patients. It really can help patients clear up some toxins from their body to some extent. However, lots of complications will occur along with it, low blood pressure is one of them. So what to do when a patient suffer from low blood pressure after dialysis?

Causes of low blood pressure after dialysis

Low blood pressure is the most common complication of dialysis. Causes include the reduced the effective blood volume; the rapid filtration rate; the reduced vasoconstriction and so on. Patients will suffer from the following symptoms: dizzy, chest tightness, pale, nausea and vomiting.

Solutions: add the effective blood volume; slow down the filtration rate. The prevention measures include retrograde autologous priming the dialysis equip, make the blood flow from small to big gradually; take the sequential or high sodium dialysis. There are solutions when patients suffer from low blood pressure after dialysis, but this symptom can not disappear at all. The key solution is to choose an effective therapy to help patients treat kidney failure instead of dialysis.

Is there an alternative therapy that can help patients get rid of low blood pressure

We have known from the above that dialysis will bring some side effects to patients, and it can not treat kidney failure from root. So choosing an effective therapy is important to patients who will suffer from low blood pressure after dialysis. Immunoadsorption; plasmapheresis and hemoperfusion are the most effective treatments in blood purification technic in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital. We have created some unique therapies based on our years of kidney disease treatment and clinical practice. They have the functions of clearing up the toxins from body; repairing the kidney damage and improving kidney functions naturally.

If you have been diagnosed with kidney failure and suffer from lower blood pressure after dialysis, we can help you get rid of this trouble. Emailing us to We will reply to you within two business days. Do not reply on dialysis too much, there are other effective ways can help you walk out of kidney failure. Take care!

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