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The Common Causes And Treatments for Headache During Hemodialysis

2014-09-05 15:59

The Common Causes And Treatments for Headache During HemodialysisHemodialysis is a common treatment for kidney failure and uremia, while, the patients often have some discomforts during hemodialysis. As a doctor, we often heard that some patients complaint headache. Why the patients can suffer from headache? How to deal with it? Next, we hope you can benefit from the following of the common causes and treatments for headache during hemodialysis.

1. Disequilibrium syndrome

According the statistical data, about 3.4%-20% patients can suffer from disequilibrium syndrome and experience headache. And the important method to reduce the complication is to induce dialysis reasonably, such as increase the dialysate sodium concentration, or intravenous infusion high glucose and mannitol during dialysis.

2. High blood pressure

Blood pressure rising also can cause headache during dialysis. Sublingual nifedipine or captopril are effective to lower high blood pressure and remit headache. While, if you are suffering from severe high blood pressure that difficult to be lowered, you should stop dialysis and use other alternative treatments.

3. Intracranial hemorrhage

It also is a common cause of headache. The patients during dialysis often is complicated by high blood pressure and cerebral arteriosclerosis, which are the possible causes of bleeding. And the patients suffering from intracranial hemorrhage or cerebral embolism also can cause headache.

Besides, hemolysis, acetate intolerance and hard water syndrome during dialysis also can lead to headache. You need to coordinate your doctor and remit your discomforts.

In fact, Chinese medicine treatment can be a part of your treatment during dialysis, because it is recognized as good treatment to remit and treat the complications of dialysis. Besides, TCM also has the function of protecting kidney and improving the renal function. Now, more and more innovative treatments based TCM have been created, such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated bath therapy and so on. If you want to know then in detail, you can leave a message below, and we will response you quickly. Now, if you have more questions about the common causes and treatments for headache during hemodialysis, you are welcome to consult our online doctors for free advice and information.

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