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Is Proteinuria Related To Hypertensive Nephropathy How To Treat

The kidney itself is a large blood cell, used to filter toxins in the body, while preventing the leakage of protein, blood cells and other materials flow out. Hypertension increases blood pressure in blood vessels, which can cause protein le...Read More

What Are The Symptoms Of Hypertensive Nephropathy

1. Changes in urine volume The early symptoms of hypertensive nephropathy are increased nocturia, followed by proteinuria and hematuria, and even develop into uremia. Physical examination found that the general blood pressure continued to...Read More

What Are The Effective Ways To Treat Hypertensive Nephropathy

What are the effective ways to treat Hypertensive Nephropathy? Can Chinese Herbal Medicines get good effects? ...Read More

What Are The Natural Treatments For Hypertensive Nephropathy

What are the treatment methods for Hypertensive Nephropathy? Why can hypertensive nephropathy have symptoms of insomnia and dizziness? ...Read More

What Kinds Of Medicines Should Be Avoided By High Blood Pressure Patients

1. Patients Can not take drugs that raise blood pressure. Hypertension is characterized by elevated blood pressure. Most of the patients (95%) are essential hypertension and are taking antihypertensive drugs. If taking high blood pressure...Read More

What Are The Diagnoses Of Hypertensive Nephropathy

What are the diagnoses of Hypertensive Nephropathy? Hypertensive nephropathy is a common disease in life. If patients with hypertension have albuminuria for a long time, it shows that you have hypertensive nephropathy. Many patients and thei...Read More

How To Treat Renal Insufficiency 1 Stage Effectively

Core Tips : Renal insufficiency 1 stage patients should follow diet plan strictly suggested by doctors, chinese herbal medicines can treat renal insufficiency from the root. How to treat Renal insufficiency 1 stage effectively? Lots of pati...Read More

Does Chinese Medicine Benefit Hypertension and Renal Disease

Hypertension and renal disease can reduce the life quality or even lead to life danger. What is more, they can worsen each other and causing more damage to the organs and tissues in the body. However, there is not effective way in the flied...Read More

How to Control Blood Pressure in Kidney Disease

Kidney disease patients are asked to check up the blood pressure periodically since the high blood pressure is not only a leading cause of the worsened kidney function, but also a common complication of kidney diseases. Well, how to control...Read More

Creatinine 3.36 and Hypertension What to Do for Prevention of Uremia

As all we know, hypertension is one of the leading reasons for kidney failure or even uremia. However, it is very hard to make the hypertension under the standard level in the situation of kidney disease. While, what to do for prevention of...Read More