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The environment of a place where patients will go is also a factor they have to consider, here we will help you learn about hospital environment and what your accompanying persons can do here from some pictures.

Shijiazhuang Kidney Disese Hospital environments

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Where can the accompanying persons go for fun?

children's park
Teahouse If you like drinking tea, to go to the teahouse to enjoy the tea can be a very cozy thing, also you can understand Chinese culture well.
The Zhaozhou Bridge
the Heavenly Southern Gate on a mountain top
Mosque street You can go to the Mosque street to buy and enjoy your hometown foods, it is also in Xin Hua district, so very near to the hospital.
Coffee House Do you like drinking coffee? There are many comfortable coffee house in Shijiazhuang city, so come on and choose the one you like!
Zoo How cute the panda is! Do you like animals? You can go to the zoo to see those cute animals, and it only take 30 minutes if you take a bus.
Botanic garden To go to the botanic garden for fun can be also a good choice, if you are interested in various plants. It only needs 40 minutes if you take a bus.
Western restaurant Do not worry that you can not find a slap-up western restaurant here, and you will surely like this warm and comfortable atmosphere.