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What Is the Effective Treatment for IgA Nephropathy

2014-03-30 15:50

Are you looking for effective treatment for IgA nephropathy? Please go on reading. You will not be disappointed after finish reading this passage.

Being attacked by IgA nephropathy, you may suffer from blood urine, protein urine as well as high blood pressure. Acute renal damage will occur in some cases. With the development of the disease, Chronic Kidney Failure will attack. Then how to deal with this disease and prevent it developing into kidney failure?

You are suggested to prevent infection and well control the blood pressure. Limit protein intake to control proteinuria. If there are obvious symptoms, you may be treated by dialysis, which is regarded as the artificial kidney. It can help your kidneys discharge some of the toxins in blood and extra water as well as the excessive electrolyte. But does it effect to the IgA, the main substance that deposit on the mesangial area? Actually, dialysis only take effects on the micro molecular toxins, such as creatinine, BUN, uric acid, guanidines, etc. While IgA belongs to macro molecular toxins, on which dialysis cannot take good effect.

For IgA nephropathy, the most important thing is to remove the deposited IgA. Then what treatment can show good effect on it? There are more developed blood purification technologies, such as blood perfusion, plasma exchange and immune adsorption. They are designed for the middle and macro molecular toxins. Once IgA is removed out, some treatment that can restore the original kidney structure should be applied. Based on this purpose, Hot Compress Therapy is suggested. This is an external application developed from the traditional Chinese medicine. After applying this therapy a period of times, your will feel relaxed and your illness condition will get improved significantly.

With the two steps, clearing out the IgA and restoring the original kidney structure, your illness will turn better and better. If there are somethings that you do not clear, you can send me an email to I am always there to help you!

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