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The Recommended Fruits to Treat IgA Nephropathy

2014-05-22 18:03

The Recommended Fruits to Treat IgA NephropathyUsually, IgA nephropathy patients are suggested to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. However, not all the fruits are good for the recovery for patients. Grape, citrus and grapefruit that with high potassium are not suggested to intake. Now let’s talk about the recommended fruits to treat IgA nephropathy.


You must have heard that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apple is a common fruit in our daily life and it is also good for IgA nephropathy patients. It’s said that apple has the functions of reducing cholesterol and blood pressure. It also contains many vitamins that our body need. IgA nephropathy patients should eat apple every day. Certainly, you should also notice the amount of it to avoid the unexpected harm it will bring to your body.


Many women love eating oranges because it can help keep beauty and good for skin. Orange contains much vitamin C and other nutriments. It can decrease the blood pressure and cholesterol to prevent kidney stone happening. It can also increase the tenacity of blood capillary and expand blood vessel. The above functions are good for delaying the progression of IgA nephropathy and improving kidney function.


Raspberry is also one of the recommended fruits to treat IgA nephropathy. This fruit contains rich ellagic acid that has the function of neutralizing free radicals and preventing cell damaging. In this way, your kidney function is protected and more damage to the kidney is prevented. It also has manganese, fiber and folate. All of these substances are good for your health.

It is impossible to list all the recommended fruits to treat IgA nephropathy. If you happen to be a IgA nephropathy sufferer and take interest in this topic, you are welcomed to send your question to With proper diet, your disease can be controlled well from a certain extent. Please pay more attention to your diet in life for the sake of your own health and your family. Good luck!

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