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Best Treatment in China for IgA Nephropathy in Children

2014-09-20 11:28

the best treatment in China for IgA Nephropathy in ChildrenIgA Nephropathy is an autoimmune kidney disease, that is to say, the people with poor immunity are easy to be attacked. Thus, many children are diagnosed with this disease. However, at present, there is no an effective treatment that can cure it. But in China, your children’s disease can be controlled well without hormone and dialysis. What is the best treatment in China for IgA Nephropathy?

Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) is the essence of china, and have helped many sick people recover to normal. For IgA Nephropathy in Children, TCM also has its own functions. In order to get better and quicker effect, we invented “four ‘one’” treatment, they are Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Mai-Kang Composition, oral Chinese medicine and foot bath therapy. This “four ‘one’” treatment is safe and effective, and based on TCM (all the medicines we choose is different from person to person, and depend on the patient’s individual condition). That is to say, this therapy wont have harm to the children, and the children do not need to bear the pain caused by treatment.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is used externally, and the medicines can penetrate into kidney lesion quickly to function. They can help you expand your blood vessels to promote blood circulation, inhibit the inflammation response to protect kidneys, resolve immune complexes to prevent blood clots and degrade extracellular matrix to block the progress of renal fibrosis. Mai-Kang Composition is the first choice to remove stasis, because it can support qi, promote blood circulation and remove obstruction in channels. As for oral Chinese medicine, it is used to eliminate turbidity, stasis toxin and stagnant toxin. Last, foot bath therapy can help the patients promote the blood circulation and improve sleep quality.

In conclusion, our “four ‘one’” treatment is the best treatment in China for IgA Nephropathy in children. It can help your children control disease quickly and recover to normal. Besides, if your children’s condition is serious, we also can choose our seven TCM therapy as adjuvant therapy. If your child are suffering from IgA Nephropathy, you are recommended strongly to choose our treatment, and help your child live a happy childhood. Any questions, chat with our online doctors or leave a message below. Best wishes!

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