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Does IgA Nephropathy Come Back after A Kidney Transplant

2014-10-29 11:52

Does IgA Nephropathy Come Back after A Kidney TransplantWhen IgA Nephropathy develops end stage renal disease, in many countries, it seems that kidney transplant becomes patients’ only and last choice. However, some patients are wondering does IgA Nephropathy come back after a kidney transplant?

IgA Nephropathy is the most common cause of glomerulonephritis in the world. It is characterized by predominant IgA deposition in the glomerular mesangium. Chronic kidney disease and end stage renal disease occur in about 20-40% of patients within 20 years of presentation. There is no cure exists for this autoimmune disease, but proper therapies can delay the onset of need for dialysis and kidney transplant. However, most cases are finally delayed and gradually develop ESRD requiring kidney transplant.

However, we have to say that IgA Nephropathy may come back after a kidney transplant. It frequently recurs after kidney transplant (20-60%). The higher recurrence rates in transplantation from living related donors suggest genetic susceptibility to the disease. Some patients present with microscopic hematuria and proteinuria; others have only positive histologic findings. The disease usually progresses slowly, similarly to the disease in the native kidneys, and graft loss due to recurrent disease occurs in fewer than 10% of patients.

Which stage has your condition developed to and has your doctor recommended kidney transplant? To those IgA Nephropathy patients who are trying their best to avoid kidney transplant, we do believe that to recover renal function and adjust immune system becomes the only way. In Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, various Chinese medicine therapies are used to help treat various kidney diseases from the root. How much do you know about Chinese medicine therapies? Here is a link The Best and Natural IgA Nephropathy Treatment in China for your reference. Feel free to contact us if having any questions.

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