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Medication for Constipation with IgA Nephropathy

2015-10-09 15:19

Medication for Constipation with IgA NephropathyIgA Nephropathy is a immune related disease, which leads patients to experience several symptoms and complications. Constipation is the most common one. What are the medication for constipation with IgA Nephropathy?

IgA Nephropathy is a kidney disease that happens when an antibody called IgA deposits in your kidneys, which causes inflammation in the kidneys. Over time, the kidneys is unable to filter wastes and extra water and electrolytes from your blood. And then, patents begin to experience some symptoms with the deposition of wastes products.

In the early stage of IgA Nephropathy, IgA Nephropathy do not cause any symptom to patients. Patients begin to experience the poisoning symptoms when the kidney disease progressed into advanced stage. If you happen to be someone with IgA Nephroapthy and some poisoning symptoms, such as proteinruia and hematuria, you should receive promote treatment to prevent further kidney damage and protect the residual kidney function. You can add whatsApp/Viber/Wechat+8618395615012 to know more details.

The medication for constipation with IgA Nephropathy should focus on its underlying causes. For patients with IgA Nephropathy, they are not allowed to drink too much water. Limitation on water intake is a contributor for constipation. Besides, they are not allowed to eat too much foods that are high in fiber for its being rich in potassium. Gastrointestinal tract disorder also can contribute to constipation problem. Therefore, patients can drink proper amount of water based on patients’ condition. Besides which, patients also need to take proper amount of foods that contains fiber under the guidance of doctor.

However, simply taking these measures can not solve the problem fundamentally, it is more important that patients need to seek a treatment which can relive constipation problem fundamentally.

Prompt and effective treatments are needed to help patients relive the sufferings and slow down kidney damage. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a therapy aiming at repairing the diseased kidney tissues and regulating immune disorder, so as to protecting the residual kidney function. Only by this way can constipation problem be relived fundamentally.

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