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How To Reduce Protein In Urine With IgA Nephropathy

2013-07-12 14:37

How To Reduce Protein In Urine With IgA NephropathyHow to reduce protein in urine with IgA Nephropathy? Massive protein in urine is one of the clinical manifestation of IgA Nephropathy and medical reports indicate effective management of protein in urine helps to slow down illness progression as well as prevent kidney failure. Well, the problem is how to reduce protein in urine with IgA Nephropathy.

How does IgA Nephropathy cause protein in urine?

IgA Nephropathy is a glomerular disease which can affect glomeruli from working properly. In IgA Nephropathy, lots of IgA deposition settle in mesangial area, causing inflammation which is the direct cause of kidney damages. The glomerulus is surrounded by Bowman’s capsule. The blood plasma is filtered through the capillaries of the glomerulus into the Bowman’s capsule. For IgA Nephropathy patients, when glomeruli are affected and fail to work properly, lots of protein will leak into urine, forming proteinuria.

How to reduce protein in urine with IgA Nephropathy?

Protein leak into urine as glomeruli are damaged and can not function properly, so repairing injured glomeruli is very necessary. As for this point, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can be used. It is a herbal treatment and effective ingredients in herbs have been proven to be able to active injured kidney intrinsic cells to work again. In this way, some glomeruli which are injured mildly can be repaired effectively.

Besides, though repairing damaged glomeruli is very essential, but it is not the all that patients can do. For an individual with IgA Nephropathy, aside from repairing kidney damages, they also need to:

1. Limit protein intake: injured glomeruli can be repaired, but dead glomeruli can not be revived, so IgA Nephropathy can not be cured. With impaired kidney function, we need to limit our protein intake, otherwise, kidney burden will be increased, which can cause further damages on kidney and aggravate proteinuria.

2. Control blood pressure and blood sugar into normal range: High blood pressure and high blood sugar are the leading two causes of kidney damages. For IgA Nephropathy patients, tight control of blood pressure and blood sugar help to slow down illness progression effectively. Also, some medicines used for high blood pressure like ACE inhabitors also show effects in reducing protein in urine.

3. Protect residual kidney function: IgA Nephropathy progresses with the increase of damaged kidney tissues, so protecting residual kidney tissues is one of an important part for IgA Nephropathy patients to treat proteinuria effectively.

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