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Living with Stage 4 IgA Kidney Disease

2013-07-16 14:53

Living with Stage 4 IgA Kidney DiseaseFor those who are living with stage 4 IgA kidney disease, what can they do to slow down or prevent disease progression? Here, we will give a detailed introduction about how to live well with stage 4 IgA kidney disease, but before that, let’s learn how stage 4 IgA kidney disease affect us.

How does stage 4 IgA kidney disease affect us?

IgA kidney disease actually refers to IgA Nephropathy which is reported to progress to chronic kidney failure in 25-30% of cases during a period of 20 years.

Stage 4 IgA kidney disease is a relatively serious illness condition, but it is not serious enough for patients to start dialysis or do kidney transplant. Normally, kidneys help us regular blood pressure, maintain electrolyte balance, produce urine and discharge toxins produced in body. Therefore, with stage 4 IgA kidney disease, patients usually experience elevation of blood pressure, electrolyte disturbance, decreased urine output, and various discomforts like nausea, vomit and itching skin caused by high toxins in blood.

How to live well with stage 4 IgA kidney disease?

If not controlled effectively, stage 4 IgA kidney disease will progress to stage 5 kidney failure directly, which needs patients to start dialysis or do kidney transplant. Therefore, to live well with stage 4 IgA kidney disease, stopping illness progression is very essential and this needs patients to:

1. Treat all the symptoms effectively

Although many symptoms like high blood pressure, proteinuria and anemia due to kidney problem, they worsen kidney function and aggravate illness condition.

2. Adjust diet habits

If you are living with stage 4 IgA kidney disease, you may be asked to ingest less salt, less protein and fluid if you are experiencing swelling symptom. Also, avoiding high potassium foods and high phosphorus foods is very necessary when lab tests show high levels of phosphorus level and potassium level in blood.

3. Protect residual kidney tissues

Kidney function keeps decreasing with the increase of injured kidney tissues, so protecting residual kidney tissues is very essential for stopping stage 4 IgA kidney disease. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can be applied to achieve this goal.

4. Repair injured kidney intrinsic cells to improve kidney function

In an affected kidney, there are necrotic, injured and healthy kidney intrinsic cells. Necrotic kidney cells have lost all their working ability, but injured kidney cells are still alive and they still have a certain function. Under such a condition, by repairing these injured kidney intrinsic cells, kidney function can be improved effectively. Therefore, it is possible to reverse stage 4 IgA kidney disease to stage 3.

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