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Iga Nephropathy(Berger's disease )

Basic knowledge on how IgA Nephropathy causes Kidney Failure, the signs, diagnosis, diet, treatment, etc, of Chronic kidney failure caused by IgA Nephropathy.

IgA Nephropathy and End Stage Renal Disease

Is there any necessary relation between IgA Nephropathy and End Stage Renal Disease? IgA Nephropathy can progress to End Stage Renal Disease, but does it mean all the patients will definitely suffer kidney failure? Is it possible for one wi...Read More

Living with Stage 4 IgA Kidney Disease

For those who are living with stage 4 IgA kidney disease, what can they do to slow down or prevent disease progression? Here, we will give a detailed introduction about how to live well with stage 4 IgA kidney disease, but before that, lets...Read More

Herbal Remedies For IgA Nephropathy

For IgA Nephropathy patients who are looking for herbal remedy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a good option. What is IgA Nephropathy? IgA Nephropathy is a glomerular disease in which some glomeruli are affected partially. In IgA Nep...Read More

Can IgA Nephropathy Be Cured with Kidney Transplant

Can IgA Nephropathy be cured with kidney transplant? Kidney transplant is regarded as the last hope for IgA Nephropathy patients to live a normal life again when their kidneys fail to perform function of regulating blood pressure, dischargi...Read More

What To Eat And Not To Eat With IgA Nephropathy

What to eat and not to eat with IgA Nephropathy? Arranging a proper diet is very hard for many IgA Nephropathy patients, as they have no idea about foods that they can eat and can not eat with impaired kidney. Dietary principles for IgA Nep...Read More

Should I Take Low Potassium Foods With IgA Nephropathy

I have IgA Nephropathy and taking prednisone, should I take low potassium foods? As for this questions, it is hard to give a clear answer Yes or No, as whether a IgA Nephropathy patient should take low potassium foods or not depends on the...Read More

How To Reduce Protein In Urine With IgA Nephropathy

How to reduce protein in urine with IgA Nephropathy? Massive protein in urine is one of the clinical manifestation of IgA Nephropathy and medical reports indicate effective management of protein in urine helps to slow down illness progressi...Read More

What Are The Symptoms of IgA Nephropathy in Children

IgA Nephropathy not only affects adults, but also children. It is a progressive kidney disorder caused by IgA deposition in mesangial area. If not treated timely and effectively, kidney failure will be finally caused, so a timely diagnosis...Read More

Is IgA Nephropathy Hereditary

Is IgA Nephropathy hereditary? Will it be passed down to the children. I am sure many adults with IgA Nephropathy concern about this topic, so here we will give an introduction about it. Is IgA Nephropathy hereditary? IgA Nephropathy is an...Read More

When Is Kidney Transplant Needed For IgA Nephropathy

When is kidney transplant needed for IgA Nephropathy patients? Kidney transplant is a surgery in which a healthy kidney is put into patients body to replace the failed kidney to work. We can not live without working kidneys, so it is impera...Read More