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kidney failure

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Kidney Failure, 45 Years, Dialysis

2013-09-15 11:44


My wife, 45 years old, has Chronic Kidney Failure and she is on dialysis now, for both of kidneys are failed. She failed to urinate, since last year, because of her bladder problem. What Can I do to change her condition better?


Thanks for your message. Based on what you say, you need to focus on a tissue to know clearly about you wife’s condition and that is how long is your wife on dialysis?

Dialysis is a conservative treatment, which helps sustain life of Kidney Failure patient. However, it also increases the risk that threaten patient’s life. Kidneys works to remove the waste products and excessive water from the blood. When kidneys fail to work well, the toxins will build up in the blood, which will circulate in the blood and get other organs involved. If the toxin level are too high, the other organs will be damaged. Thereby, it is necessary for Kidney Failure patients to take dialysis.

Even though dialysis plays an important role in the treatment of Kidney Failure, it is not a treatment which can really replace the kidneys. Dialysis only can help failed kidneys to filter out the toxins, but it fails to repair the damaged kidneys or improve kidney functions.

In contrary, the longer you take dialysis, the longer the damaged kidneys fail to get repairment. As a result, kidney will become scarred gradually and die finally.

In addition, dialysis increases the risk to develop some complications, such as heart failure, Cardia-cerebrovascular Disease etc. If your wife are on dialysis for years and has severe complications, it is urgent for your wife to control the risk complications.

You have to know that in most cases, it is the risky complications of kidney failure kill the patients earlier than the kidney damage itself. If you want to know more suggestions, you are suggested to send her medical report or detailed medical conditions to And we are here to help.

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