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Creatinine Declines to 4.8 from 6, BUN 60, HB 12.8, Uric Acid 9.4

2013-09-15 15:23


Here is something about my laboratory results. HB 12.8, BUN 60, creatinine decreases from 6 to 4.8, calcium 8.3, uric acid 9.4, urine erythrocyte 20-30, PTH 16.5, urine protein in 24 hours 6566mg/24hrs. Initial diagnosis was acute on top of chronic renal disease. I was diagnosed about 2 weeks ago and the final diagnosis is CKD stage 4. I am now taking atenolol 50mg, lescol 80mg, caltrate 600mg, folic acid 5mg, allopurinol 100mg, lisinopril 5mg. I will be waiting for your advices. Thank you very much.


It's true your disease is acute on chronic kidney disease. The serum creatinine has already reduced from 6mg/dl to 4.8mg/dl. However, you have already had many complications like electrolytes disorder, low hemoglobin and metabolic acidosis. The biopsy showed your kidney damage is really serious. 5 out of 7 glomeruli are globally sclerosed and there are also interstitial fibrosis and tubular atrophy. We have to stop the inflammation in the kidneys and stop the process of renal fibrosis.

You still have large amount of protein and blood in urine. It means your disease is still progressing.

The medications you are taking now are only for your high blood pressure, high blood lipid, high uric acid and calcium supplement. We should not only treat the symptoms, but should repair the kidney damage fundamentally. You are not taking any medicine for your kidney problem.

For your disease condition, first, we have to stop the inflammation in the kidneys. There are moderate inflammatory cells infiltration in your kidneys. That's not difficult. There are many western medicine and Chinese medicine can achieve this effect. However, it is not enough. The progressing of kidney disease is a process of renal fibrosis. Therefore, we need the second step, that is remove the immune complex and extra cellular matrix that caused renal fibrosis in the kidneys. The third step is to repair kidney damage and recover renal function. Of course, the whole process should not cause side effects.

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