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Creatinine 308.6, Urea 14, HB 9.6, Diabetes: What Are The Medical Advises

2013-09-23 14:32


Hi, doctor, I am suffering from diabetes 20 years or more. Take medications to control blood pressure for 5 to 6 years. Here is something about my test results: creatinine 308.6, urea 14 and HB 9.6. What would you say about my results? And can you give me some medical advises to help me manage the condition well? Many thanks.


Except your creatinine level 308.6, urea 14 reflect your high toxins depositing in your blood and your kidney damage degree, you also have a tendency of electrolyte disturbance, the chloride has been higher than the normal, and the potassium level will be near to the upper limit. Besides, your hemoglobin level 9.6 is so low which means middle and lower degree of anemia. I think you must often feel tired and weak.

On the whole, do not worry, the electrolyte disturbance and anemia are typical symptoms of CKD stage 4 patients. And these are not difficult to be treated.

In clinic, for patients with long-time Diabetes history, if their creatinine level goes to be very higher than the normal, the insulin injection is suggested. But it is not absolute. Now if your blood sugar can be controlled well under medicines, the insulin injection is not a must and urgent.

The blood sugar problem is not the most important and urgent thing. At present the most important thing for you is control your kidney damage aggravation and let you receive timely systemic treatment to repair your damaged nephrons and improve your kidney function to help you avoid dialysis in the future. If you need the related information about natural ways to repair kidney damage and recover renal function, you can leave a message below or email us to, we are here to help.

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