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Medical Advises for 400ml Urine and No Ammonia Odor in Mouth

2013-09-22 11:15


Hi, doctor. My urine is yellow in color in morning. 400ml with no smell and in rest of day it is light yellowish. No ammonia odor in mouth. Could you give me some medical advises?


You still have 400ml urine output, really good news for you. It means you still have some good renal cells, not all of those renal cells are failed to work, as long as these good renal cells are protected well, it will lay a good foundation for the further repair of the kidneys.

You said you don't have ammonia odor in mouth, good news. When uric acid level is too high, patients will have such bad odor in mouth, high serum urea will cause damage on every organ in the body, especially on the heart, if more severe, uremic frost, a kind of white frost, will occur on the patient's skin.

You said your urine has no smell, it's not good news, it means your renal tubules are injured, so it can't help discharge those toxin from the body, such as urea nitrogen.

Generally speaking, after seven days’ treatment of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, obvious improvements on urine can be seen by patients themselves, such as protein in urine and blood in urine disappear. This treatment aims at saving kidneys by repairing kidney damage and recovering renal function. Once kidney function can be recovered, not only can symptoms of kidney disease be relieved, kidney failure and dialysis will be effectively avoided.

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