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Renal Failure Treatment


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Chinese Medicine Treats FSGS Safely

2013-09-23 10:06


I am a patient with stage 4 CKD caused by FSGS. GFR is 25. Now I am taking Amlodipine and Ramapril. I feel tired all of the time, even after sleep. Could you give me some medical advises to help me manage the condition well?


In most of time, FSGS develops very rapidly, in few years, disease will develop into renal failure.

FSGS is caused by immune disorder. Treatment for this disease in western medicine is mainly applied combined immunosuppressive agents to suppress the body immune system to suppress immune inflammation in kidney. At the same time, apply high blood pressure medicine to control blood pressure, apply anti-coagulation medicine to prevent blood clots, apply different medicines to deal with different complications or symptoms of FSGS. The effective rate is about 60% for controlling these complications or symptoms. The advantage is that if it is work on FSGS patients, in short time, disease complications and symptoms will get controlled. The disadvantages are that causing low immunity, patient easily get infection; cause lots of side effects; can not treat FSGS in root.

Treatment for FSGS in Chinese medicine means the application of natural herbs, including oral tea, medicated bath, foot bath, acupuncture, etc to regulate the immune system, so disease can get treated in root.

The disadvantage of Chinese medicine treatment for FSGS is that if disease develops rapidly, it is difficult to control disease. So the main stream in China, we apply combined treatment, not only disease can get control, but also Chinese medicine can reduce the western medicine side effect. So far this is the best treatment. If you are interested in Chinese medicine treating FSGS, we are glad to help you know more.

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