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Renal Failure Treatment


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Analyze The Lab Results for My Husband with Kidney Disease, Hypertension and Diabetes

2013-10-05 14:07


My husband has high blood pressure and diabetes for 13 years. Here are his lab results made at different time. The first time: HB 11.6, BUN 80, Creatinine 6.5, Blood Sugar 171, Calcium 8.3, Albumin 3.4, Phosphorus 5.1, GFR 11, Urine Sugar 50mg/dl, Urine Protein 500mg/dl. The second time: BUN 82, Creatinine 10.04, Calcium 7.1, Total Protein 5.6, Albumin 3.1, eGFR 5, HB 9.7, Urine Protein 2+, Red Blood Cell +. What kind of medical advises will you offer?


He has had hypertension and Diabetes for many years, but it is still not well controlled. His blood sugar is too high and there is even sugar in urine. He is only taking one kind of tablet for his blood sugar. It is not enough. It is time to change to insulin injection. On one hand, it is more effective in controlling the blood sugar; on the other hand, it has no side effect on the kidneys.

His protein leakage is still serious. It means his disease is still progressing. In sincerely hope he can receive systematic treatment early if he doesn't want to start dialysis. Not only his serum creatinine is high, he has also many complications including anemia, low serum albumin and electrolytes disorder.

His serum creatinine is not dangerously high. If treated in time, it can still be lowered down and dialysis can be avoided.

From the second copy of lab results, his disease is still progressing, because there are protein and red blood cells in urine. Besides, his calcium is too low. Please give him some calcium supplement. Otherwise, he will have leg spasm if he does dialysis. His total protein and albumin are low. It is easy to cause swelling.

However, no one kidney disease patient wants to experience dialysis treatment. You can go and directly consult online doctor freely or leave a message below to get diet suggestions and natural treatment options to recover renal function.

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