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How to Help My Little Girl Avoid Relapses of Nephrotic Syndrome

2013-10-07 09:38


My 3yold daughter has been diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome and has been on steroids for aprox 8 months with 3 relapses every time. Do you know an alternative treatment? Please help my little girl. I am looking forward to hearing from you.


For your daughter's age, just like your doctor said it is mostly the minimal change kidney disease . It is the most easiest one to be treated .If the treatment is effective and timely this disease absolutely can be cured . You know that most of the kidney disease can not been cured .But this one is possible .

But why your daughter's disease has not been treated well more than 8 months past ? Why even the protein leakage haven't been controlled ? It is because that the treatment she is taking is just based on controlling symptoms not treating disease .

We know that this disease is a disease related to immune system .The immune complexes formed due to the low immunity. It will deposit into the blood and also the kidneys with the blood circulation .It will deposit into the epithelial cells and the mesangial area.Then the phenotypic lesion of the epithelial cells will be caused .So it can not hold the protein .This is why the protein leak out .

The western medicine when treat this disease is just based on control the protein leakage .but the immune complexes still deposit into the kidneys and the blood .So the damage aspects haven't been solved from the root .This is why the disease very easy to relapse when the steroids are reduced .

We will use the western medicine combined with the Chinese medicine to treat this disease at the same time .The western medicine can control the symptoms to stop the damage in short time .But we may have some difference from your daughter's current medication using .And at the same time we will use the Chinese medicine to discharge the immune complexes, clean the blood and adjust the internal environment .Also it has the function to rebuilt the immune system .

If you want to avoid relapses of your daughter’s condition, the application of Chinese herbal medicines can be an alternative choice. Any follow-up questions? Leave a message below or email it to, we are here to help.

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