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Renal Failure Treatment


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Home Nursing Cares for Kidney Disease after Dialysis

2013-01-17 16:07


Does anyone have any suggestions for things to do after dialysis?


Renal dialysis is one important remedy for discharging metabolic wastes and sustaining life for end stage renal diseases.

Proper home nursing cares after dialysis can help prevent complications of dialysis and prolong patients’ life expectancy.

Weigh body weight

It is very common for patients to gain a lot of body weight after dialysis which will increase difficulty for the next dialysis. Therefore it is necessary for patients to weigh themselves at home and the body weight gain should be less than 2-3kg between 2 dialysis.

Monitor urine output and water intake

Proper fluid intake is important for renal dialysis patients. They should measure their 24-h urine volume and guide for proper water intake. Daily water intake should be urine output plus 500ml. Do not have too salty foods.

Keep clean and prevent infections

Infections can easily cause relapsing of kidney disease and worsen proteinuria, edema and other symptoms.

Besides, patients should avoid too tight clothes or over-tiredness.

Taking prescribed medicines

Remember to take prescribed medicines regularly with correct method and dosage.

Alleviating pressure

Negative emotions such as pressure, anxiety have nothing good but harms to the patients, therefore a peaceful and good is very important for them. Going outsides and have some proper exercises, expressing emotions to friends and families can all help alleviate pressure and open mind.

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