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How to Help My Brother with Hemoglobin Level 11.4, Urine Output 300ml and Diabetes

2013-10-22 17:10


Hi, my brother’s kidneys are shrunk now. Here is something about his condition: have been on diabetes for 20 years; right kidney is 75mm, left kidney is 77mm; thickness of parenchyma was just shrunk for 1-2mm; urine output 300ml and hemoglobin level 11.4. What medical advises will you offer?


Through from his report, his kidneys have been shrunk, right kidney is 75mm, left kidney 77mm, but the thickness of parenchyma(13mm and 14mm) has just shrunk for 1-2mm, this means his glomeruli have not damaged seriously. Also usually in clinic, if the kidneys are less than 6cm which means they will be as hard as a stone and there will be no blood flow into the kidneys, to this level it will be very difficult to be saved. So, you can see, now your brother's kidneys have not shrunk a lot. This is a hope. With timely treatment to improve his renal ischemic and anoxia situation and expanding the blood vessels, the shrunk can get well-controlled, even can be enlarged gradually.

Urine output 300ml means there are still part of his nephrons work and have function which is so precious, so, now the transplant is not suggested. The most important thing is that he should receive systemic and timely treatment to repair his damaged kidney tissues and protect these residual nephrons and glomeruli, his own kidney function can be improved step by step.

In clinic, for uremia patients (patients who are on dialysis), they will suffer severe anemia. But for your brother, his hemoglobin level 11.4 reflects a mild anemia, this is also a symbol that his internal kidney tissues(glomeruli and renal tubules) have not been damaged to an irreversible level.

The above is the hopeful points that his kidneys can be saved with timely systemic treatment. If you are interested in natural ways commonly used to repair kidney damage and recover renal function, you can go and directly consult online doctor or leave a message below, we will surely help manage the condition well.

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