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kidney failure

Renal Failure Treatment


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Kidney Failure, Skin Itching, Treatments

2013-01-19 16:11


I have stage 4 kidney failure and I always feel itching in my skin. Why kidney failure will cause skin itching and how to alleviate it, thanks!


Skin itching is one common skin problems that bother chronic kidney failure patients. This is because of retention of nitrogenous wastes and other metabolic wastes and toxins due to declined renal functions.

Excessive accumulation of wasteful products in the body will further disturb endocrine functions. As a result, there will be calcium deposit in the skin and secondary hyperparathyroidism. That is why kidney failure will cause skin itching. Often, skin itching is more severe during nights than the daytime. Thought there is no obvious skin lesion, it often affects patients’ sleep quality and some patients feel so discomfortable that they can not help to scratch the skin which often worsen the itch.

As for the treatments for alleviating skin itching, here is a simple, comfortable but effective home remedy for you to get rid of skin itching---taking baking soda bath.

It is one kind of medicated bath which add certain medicines into the water so that disease can be treated while taking bath. Add a cup of baking soda into the water and have a 15-30 bath. During the bath, it is very comfortable which can not only alleviate fatigue, skin itching but also can improve your overall health conditions because baking soda bath can help discharge wastes and toxins floating in the skin and blood stream.

Note: baking soda bath should be be taken if there is skin woods.

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