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Renal Failure Treatment


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Can My Fiance with Kidney Failure Stop Dialysis Treatment

2013-10-30 16:29


My fiance is a kidney failure patient, and he has been on dialysis treatment for nearly three months. He even cannot lie on his back while sleeping. Recently he is eager to stop dialysis. Can he? Please give us some suggestions.


Dialysis is just to remove the toxins level in his body instead of the kidneys. It is a kind of renal replacement treatment. If he has been on dialysis for long time, his kidney function will continue to decline and the kidneys will become smaller. He will also have less urine output until he cannot urinate. Therefore, the longer he is on dialysis, the less chance to recover his kidney function.

However, it doesn't mean he should stop dialysis. It is dangerous to stop dialysis for one month. As you said he cannot lie on his back while sleeping. It is symptom of heart failure. If he doesn't do dialysis, there will be high toxins level and excessive water in his body, it will increase the burden of heart.

Therefore, dialysis is necessary. But at the same time, we should try our best to use alternative treatment to improve his kidney function. After his kidney function is improved and his kidneys can discharge toxins and filtrate water themselves, he can stop dialysis.

Nowadays, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Immunotherapy are commonly used in the clinic to help kidney failure patients stop dialysis treatment. If you have any follow-up questions, leave a message below or email to, our expert will surely reply you.

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