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How to Treat Right Kidney 5.9cm, Left Kidney 5.0cm

2013-12-27 18:03


Here is some information about my test reports: right kidney 5.9cm, left kidney 5.0cm, serum creatinine 9.1mg, blood urea 161.0mg,albumin 3+. The symptoms I am experiencing nausea, vomiting, poor appetite, short of breath, swelling on face, stomach and leg. I have already been on kidney dialysis. But I really do not want to take it. Could you help me?


According to the information you provide above, I will give you the following comments:

-Your right kidney 5.9 cm, left kidney 5.0 cm, both kidneys got shrunk, it means you suffer from kidney disease at least for 10 yrs, but you didn't aware of it, so you didn't take effective treatments in the early stage of kidney disease.

-The urine report showed protein 3+, but just as you said, you don't have much urine, so this urine report can't accurately reflect the illness condition. Such condition, we will suggest 24hours urine protein test to judge if there is inflammation response in the kidneys.

-You said you have swelling on face, stomach and leg, you must control the water intake, please not drink if you don't feel thirsty, just a little even though you feel very thirsty. And you need to control weight by controlling the main food amount.

-You must on low-salt, low-fat, low-quantity but high-quality protein diet.

-Presently, your condition is very severe, food can't help you much, treatments are very urgently needed. As for your condition, in western medicine treatment, kidney transplant is the only choice for you, both your kidneys are still bigger than 5.0cm, it's good news.

-As to how to treat your condition properly, firstly, we need to change the dialysis to 2hours dialysis+2hours hemofiltration, such way can help you discharge more water from the body, then you will feel better, then we will use Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Chinese herbal foot bath, Chinese herbal enema and Chinese herbal oral medicines to help you clean the internal environment of the body, to create a favorable environment for the stem cells growth, then we will inject stem cells through intravenous injection, the whole treatment can be finished into 30 days. Then we will judge your condition, if needed, you need to take some medicines home to do the consolidation treatment at home to make sure the stem cells can grow well in the body. We will keep in touch with you after you go back home, we will do our best to make sure you can get good result after the whole treatments.

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