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Treatment for Creatinine 2.8, Urine Protein 2+ and HB 14.3

2014-01-02 17:33


Dear, doctor. Here are some lab test results of my brother: creatinine 2.8, HB 14.3, urine protein 2+, occult blood +, left kidney 7.2cm, left kidney 7.6. Now he is taking some medicines like Ramipril, Sodium Bicarbonate, Febuxostat and Ketosteril. What medical advises will you offer us? We appreciate your help.



For his disease condition now, the treatment schedule we would like to choose is like this:

First, we will use some auxiliary detoxification medicine to help lower the serum creatinine and other toxins. It includes oral taking detoxification medicine, Chinese medicine enema therapy and Chinese herb bath therapy. Enema can help remove the toxins by intestinal tract and Herb Bath Therapy can lower the serum creatinine by improving the whole body blood circulation and sweating.

Second, he has protein and blood in urine in urinalysis. It means his disease is still in inflammatory stage. For this problem, we use micro-Chinese medicine hot compress therapy for anti inflammation and anti coagulation so as to control the immune reaction in the kidneys and stop protein and blood leakage in urine. In this way, we can stop the progressing of the disease and improving the recovery of kidney function. Oral taking Chinese medicine will be given to strengthen healthy qi in human body.

Third, his kidneys have already shrunk. We have to prevent more glomeruli from being sclerosed, promote the recovery of glomeruli and protect the remaining kidney function by holistic treatment.

With the treatment of Chinese medicine, we can make a clean internal environment for the growth of stem cells. The well cultured stem cells will arrive at the kidneys with increased blood flow in the kidneys and differentiate into new kidney cells.

Creatinine 2.8 and other symptoms will be naturally treated with the recovery of kidney function. If you still have any follow-up questions about this treatment schedule, you can leave us a message below or email to, we will surely contact you within 48 hours.

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