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FSGS Relapse: Is there a Permanent Solution ?

2013-02-18 15:28


Patient: I was diagnosed with FSGS post biopsy 16 years ago and was in remission for a lot of those years. I relapsed recently and wonder if there is a permanent solution for this.



Doctor: FSGS is the abbreviation of Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis which means some glomeruli are partially damaged. It is the leading cause of Nephrotic Syndrome and usually marked by large amount of protein in urine.

Normally, no protein can be detected out in our urine, as protein can not pass through glomerular filtration membrane casually. However, once this membrane is damaged, protein leak into urine and therefore form proteinuria. Without effective treatment, more and more protein leak out and FSGS progresses to End Stage Renal Failure (ESRF) directly.

FSGS relapses easily, especially when patients catch a cold or infection. Actually, as proteinuria occurs because of damaged glomerular filtration membrane, as long as this membrane is not repaired, proteinuria occurs again sooner or later. In many cases, FSGS patients are prescribed with some oral medications which can help to alleviate illness condition effectively. However, as these medications can not repair damaged filtration membrane, they can not solve the problem fundamentally. Also, long-term taking of some medications can cause many side effects. Even though, the treatment effects of these medications can not be ignored.

To stop FSGS from relapsing, the best method is to repair damaged glomerular filtration membrane. As long as this membrane is repaired, protein stops leaking out and also proteinuria is controlled. To have a effective control about proteinuria, aside from medical measures, we also need to change our diet and having a good nursing care. Only with all-round preventive measures, can we stop FSGS from relapsing.

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