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What Is the Most Effective Treatment for Itchy Skin in Stage 5 Kidney Failure

2014-05-23 20:18


My mum is in her 70's and has stage 5 kidney failure. she has a rash on her body and they itch all the time. What is the most effective treatment for itchy skin in stage 5 kidney failure. Can you help me, please?


Stage 5 kidney failure is the most advanced stage in chronic kidney disease. Itchy skin is also the common symptom at this stage. Many patients are very miserable with this symptom like your mum.

Under normal circumstances, the kidneys filter a number of wastes out of the blood. Kidney failure, which can be caused by longstanding high blood pressure and diabetes, leads to an accumulation of a waste product called urea. Urea and other substances that build up in the blood due to kidney failure often cause unrelenting itchiness. In addition, people with kidney failure often note itchiness directly following hemodialysis sessions used to treat kidney failure. However, hemodialysis has proved that can not treat kidney failure from root by more and more cases. Maybe your mum will be one of them. Then, is there an effective treatment to do with itchy skin in stage 5 kidney failure.

In Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, there is effective therapy that can help relieve this annoying symptom in a natural way. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is just such one. This is a new one which innovated by our kidney disease experts based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM). It has no side effects to patients and does no harm also, and what is more important, the effective Chinese herbs can help repair kidney damage and improve kidney function naturally. The built-up toxic and harmful substance will be cleared up with this treatment. So your mum’s itchy skin will be relieved a lot.

If you still have doubt about your mum’s condition and other diseases, send your email to or leave a message below, we can help you all the time.

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