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Dialysis Side Effects: Joint Pain, Restless Leg, Neuropathy

2013-04-03 09:05


I have been on dialysis since March and am on the cycler doing great except for severe pain in my right knee and ankle. The pain is so severe I “beg for mercy”. My phosphors is within normal limits. And why I have joint pain after dialysis? I also suffer from restless leg and neuropathy.



I am so sorry to hear you are suffering. Joint pain is one of the side effects of dialysis and can be caused by dialysis-related amyloidosis (DRA). Amyloidosis results from proteins in the blood depositing on joints and tendons. Although dialysis helps to remove wastes in the blood, but they are not effective enough to remove these proteins. Besides, aside from dialysis-related amyloidosis, your neuropathy also can contribute to your pain.

Dialysis is a life-sustaining medical method for kidney failure patients and meanwhile, it can cause many dysfunctions like low blood pressure, infection, muscle cramp and headache and so on. Restless leg you mentioned also can be caused by dialysis and clinic survey shows it has affected 6.6% to 62% of patients who are on dialysis.

Besides, I’d like to know do you still have urine output? Kidneys help to produce urine and if you still have urine output, it means you still have healthy kidney function, which is very good. Dialysis is helpful, but meanwhile risky and torturous. Therefore, if you still have urine output, I suggest you to try Immunotherapy which combines western medicines and Chinese medicines. Immunotherapy is a new treatment method for kidney failure and helps to improve kidney function. With Immunotherapy, you have chance to get rid of dialysis and at least, your dialysis frequency can be decreased, which can help to lower your risk for various dialysis side effects.

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