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Kidney Failure, 15% Kidney Function: Can I Avoid Dialysis

2013-04-07 15:53


I am a kidney failure patient from India and I am taking hypotensors to control my blood pressure. My doctor told me I still have 15% kidney function. I have a strict diet limitation and I’d like to know if there is any method that can help me avoid dialysis.



For people with kidney problem, damaged kidneys fail to discharge toxins in blood, so a timely dialysis is essential. However, dialysis only helps to remit symptoms, and can not repair injured kidney intrinsic cells. For one with kidney disease, there are three types of kidney intrinsic cells: healthy kidney intrinsic cells, injured kidney intrinsic cells and dead kidney intrinsic cells. These dead kidney cells can not be revived, but these injured kidney intrinsic cells can be repaired.As long as injured kidney intrinsic cells are repaired, kidney function gets improved and also patients have great chance to get rid of dialysis.

Diet is just a part of the treatment for kidney failure and to avoid dialysis. Asides from adjusting diet and doing physical exercises, we also need to bring symptoms like proteinuria, hematuria and high blood pressure under control and meanwhile, repair injured kidney intrinsic cells. Now you still have 15% kidney function and it is really good. According to your description, I suggest you to have a try about Immunotherapy which combines western medicines and Chinese medicines. We know western medicines and Chinese medicines treats kidney failure in different ways and also they show different treatment effects. In Immunotherapy, western medicines are applied to control symptoms and Chinese medicines are used to repair injured kidney intrinsic cells. By combining them, kidney function can be improved greatly and you have a great chance to avoid dialysis.

Lastly, I only have a general understanding about your illness condition and you can leave you test reports to us, we will ask our experts to help you analysize and then give you more specific suggestions.

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