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Diabetes 6 Years, Hypertension, Kidney Failure, Creatinine 8.4, Urea 240, Dialysis

2013-04-24 14:25


Hello, I am from Odisah. My father is a diabetic patient for 6 years and he also takes medicines for high blood pressure. Recently, we know about his kidney failure and his creatinine and urea had increased to 8.4 and 240. After 4th time dialysis, it is near about 4.2 abd 110. Is there any medicine or treatment for it? Kindly inform me, for which I will be grateful to you. Thank you so much.



Hi, so sorry to hear your father is suffering kidney failure. Both Diabetes and Hypertension can cause kidney damages, so it is necessary to bring his blood sugar and blood pressure into normal range.

Creatinine and urea are the dominant wastes produced by our body and normally discharged by our kidneys. When kidney function is impaired and kidney fail to work properly, creatinine level and urea nitrogen level in blood will increase. Therefore, the key point for him to lower creatinine level and urea nitrogen level is to improve kidney function. Creatinine 8.4 is very high and it means there are lots of toxins in blood. Under such a condition, dialysis is necessary for life safety.

Dialysis is helpful and life-saving, but it can not repair kidney damages to improve kidney condition, so dialysis can not solve problem from the root. At present, your father can have a try about Immunotherapy which combines the advantageous of Chinese medicines and western medicines. We know Chinese medicines and western medicines treat kidney failure in different ways and we can receive different treatment effects on them. By combining them, treatment effects can be increased obviously and kidney function can be improved greatly. Although your father may not get rid of dialysis after Immunotherapy, his dialysis frequency can be reduced effectively. Besides, as long as his kidney function gets improved, his creatinine level and urea nitrogen level decrease naturally.

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