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Kidney Failure, Creatinine 7.62, Ithcing Skin: What Is the Solution

2013-04-29 17:50


My mother in law is suffering from kidney failure and as of now her creatinine is 7.62. Over the past month or so, her skin has been very itchy, but no sign of rash, just itching all over. What is the solution? Please give me some advices. Thanks a lot!



Hi, I am sad to know your mother in law is suffering now. Her creatinine is 7.62 which is very high, so is she on dialysis or not now? Dialysis can cause itching directly. Beside, if no, I suggest her to do dialysis and this will help her lower the risk for various serious complications like heart failure and pulmonary edema.

In cases of kidney failure, there are different causes for itching skin, but overall, it is due to the decreased kidney function, so treating kidney failure to improve kidney condition is the best and most fundamental solution. Kidney failure can not be cured, but in some cases, kidney function can be improved by repairing injured kidney tissues, which not only helps to remit skin problem, but also lower creatinine level. Does your mother in law still have urine output now? If yes, Immunotherapy will be the recommended medical treatment for your mother and she can have a try about it. What is more, if she is on dialysis, her dialysis frequency can be reduced effective through this method.

In addition, the following tips will help her alleviate itch in skin to some extent, although they can not show long-term treatment effects:

1. Take some antipruritic medications or daub some antipruritic liquid

2. Pay attention to personal hygiene and have a bath regularly

3. Arrange a scientific diet, as improper diet will worsen kidney condition and itching problem

The above are the suggestions that I can offer according to the limited illness condition. If you want to get more advices, you can tell more about your mother’s illness condition and we will try our best to help your mother reduce sufferings.

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