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Chronic Kidney Failure, Creatinine 6.79, Urea 59mg, Coma After Dialysis

2013-05-10 11:31


My father was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Failure last month. We were told both his two kidneys are scarred and right kidney is smaller. His serum creatinine is 6.79mg, blood urea 59mg. Dialysis was suggested, but as soon as dialysis starts, he went in coma/unconscious. Please suggest an alternative treatment.



Hi, does your father still have urine output? If yes, I’d like to suggest him to try Immunotherapy which combines Chinese medicines and western medicines. It is an alternative treatment for Chronic Kidney Failure, but only shows treatment effects among people who still have urine output.

Both serum creatinine 6.79 and blood urea 59mg show his kidney function has been impaired seriously. Also, you mentioned his right kidney is smaller, so as of now increasing blood flow in his kidney and improving kidney function is very important.

I suggest your father to try Immunotherapy, not because this treatment can cure him, but because this treatment method can improve his illness condition without causing any side effects. The followings are the possible treatment effects of Immunotherapy on your father. And if you think this treatment is preferable, please contact us to get more information:

1. Both his creatinine level and urea nitrogen level in blood can be lowered effectively

2. Blood flow in kidney can be increased and this will help to treat his smaller kidney

3. GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate) can be increased and if this value increases to 15, he can live without dialysis

4. His physical condition, appetite and sleep quality can be improved greatly

Immunotherapy is not the only treatment for your father, but it is the one which can improve kidney function without causing side effects. If you are interested in this treatment and think it is worth trying, please contact us to have further conversation as soon as possible.

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