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Best Treatment for Chronic Kidney Failure, Creatinine 7, Urea 90.5, H.B. 8.2

2013-05-13 15:51



My wife is a case of chronic kidney failure for the last 5 years. Latest blood report shows creatinine 7mg/dl urea 90.5 mg/dl and H.B.8.2grams.She is on weekly hemodialysis. Please advise me for the best treatment and prognosis thanks.



Hi, firstly I’d like to help you find out the meaning of these values and then offer you the treatment methods.

Normal serum creatinine is 0.5 to 1.3. Creatinine7 is much higher than the normal range and it means there are a great deal of toxins in her blood which should have been discharged by kidney. Similar with creatinine, urea is also a waste produced by our body and normally discharged with kidney. When kidney function is affected by chronic kidney failure, excess urea nitrogen build up in blood and cause high blood urea nitrogen. Normal range of blood urea nitrogen for adult women is 6 to 21. Urea 90.5 is several times higher than the normal range. As for the H.B. (Hemoglobin), the normal range of it for women is 11.5 to 15.5 and 8.2 is lower than the reference value. Hemoglobin functions to carry oxygen from the lungs to the tissues and transport carbon dioxide from the tissues to the lungs. For chronic kidney failure patients, they usually suffer from low hemoglobin due to anemia which occurs when kidney structure is damaged and fail to produce enough EPO (Erythropoietin).

From the above information, we can know that all these abnormal values occur because of decreased kidney function. Therefore, to help your wife alleviate her illness condition, improving her kidney function is the key point. As for the treatment for chronic kidney failure, immunotherapy is the best option. This treatment combines western medicine and Chinese medicine which are used to play different role in the whole treatment process. By taking full advantageous of them, kidney function can be improved greatly. And all her value can be normalized to some extent. In addition, you said your wife is on hemodialysis. Does she still have urine output? If yes, she has chance to reduce dialysis frequence and even get rid of dialysis. (If you want to have a further information about Immunotherapy, please feel free to consult our consultant online or directly leave message to

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