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Renal Failure Treatment


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End Stage Renal Failure, Creatinine 659, GFR 7, Dialysis

2013-05-25 14:04


My husband is end stage renal failure. His creatinine levels are 659 and gfr 7. He has done 2 dialysis thus far. Is this the end of the road?



Hi, I can feel your depression from your words. I am so sorry to heart your husband is suffering. Dialysis is a way to sustain one’s life when there are high levels of toxins in blood, but it is not the only way for kidney failure patients who still have a certain kidney function and urine output. Kidney is the organ that helps to produce urine while filtering blood, so urine output implies there are blood that can flow into kidney and kidney still has some function to discharge fluid and wastes. Under such a condition, there is chance for medicines to flow into kidney with bloodstream. This is the reason why urine output means hope for end stage renal failure patients. So does your husband still have urine output? If yes, the following tips will be helpful for him.

1. Tightly control blood pressure, blood sugar, proteinuria, hematuria and anemia, as all these illnesses can cause further kidney damages.

2. Arrange a beneficial diet, as improper diet may bring extra burden on kidney. If you have not gotten any diet suggestions from his doctor, leave message to us and we can ask our experts to give some advices. This is our email address:

3. Does he has swelling? If yes, please limit fluid intake strictly. You can daub his lips with soaked swab.

4. Prevent infection and cold actively.

5. Avoid being exhausted and saying up.

6. Develop good living habits and quit smoking and drinking alcohol.

7. Keep being in a mood, which is said to be helpful for increase immunity.

All the above tips are helpful for your husband to control his illness condition, but they are not enough. To prolong your husband’s life span and increase his life quality, improving his kidney function is imperative. You can try some Chinese medicine like micro-Chinese medicine which is composed of several herbs. These herbs are proven to be effective in lowering blood pressure, improving blood circulation, preventing coagulation and blocking inflammation, all of which are essential for improving kidney function.

Lastly, if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us and we will try our best to help you solve your problems. End stage renal failure is deadly and we hope what we do can help patients reduce sufferings and improve their prognosis.

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