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Natural Method To Lower Creatinine And Urea Level

2013-05-26 14:14


My brother in law has been advised dialysis as suffers from kidney failure. I wanted to know if there is any method naturally to lower his creatinine and urea levels.

hance to improve kidney function will be significant.


Lowering creatinine and urea level is the common pursuit for people with kidney problem, especially kidney failure patients, as higher the creatinine and urea level is, the higher their risk for dialysis is. Here we will introduce some natural methods that can help to deal with high creatinine and urea level:

1. Eat less meat: creatinine is produced during the metabolism of meat. The more meat we eat, the more creatinine are produced. Eating less meat will help to prevent further rise of creatinine level.

2. Avoid strenuous physical activity: This can decrease the breakdown of creatine into creatinine.

3. Nettle leaf tea: Drinking 1 to 2 cups a day will help to improve kidney function and reduce serum creatinine level.

4. Leave far away from creatine supplements: Clinical studies reveal creatine supplements can increase creatinine level.

5. Some herbs like cranberry, horsetail, goldenrod, burdock and uva ursi can be used to improve kidney function.

For kidney failure patients, creatinine and urea level increase as affected kidney fail to discharge excess creatinine and urea. Therefore, repairing kidney damages to improve kidney function is the key point.

In terms of treatment for injured kidney intrinsic cells, micro-Chinese medicine is a best choice. With Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, patients can receive the following treatment effects:

1. Blood pressure decreases

2. GFR increases

3. Kidney function gets improved

4. High creatinine and urea level decrease

5. Both sleep quality and appetite are improved\

6. Become more energic

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotheray is an effective treatment, but it only show effects among kidney failure patients who still have urine output. Therefore, if your brother meets this condition, seizing this last c

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