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Stage 4 Kidney Failure, Diabetes, Pepsi

2013-05-29 10:09


My dad is diabetic in stage 4 kidney failure. He does not think that drinking pepsi is hurting anything. He says its a liquid. Is there any information on this?



Stage 4 Kidney Failure, Diabetes, PepsiPepsi is a carbonated soft drink that is produced and manufactured by pepsico. Pepsi contains no fat, but indeed contain some sodium, because of which, stage kidney failure patients need to drink less of it.

Stage 4 kidney failure is a relatively severe illness condition. Kidneys helps to filter blood, during which kept nutrition in blood and discharge wastes out of our body. Improper diet or drink will increase kidney burden. So everything we eat or drink is related with our kidney. For kidney failure patients, they are very likely to suffer from high sodium level. Therefore, they are always suggested to limit salt intake, as salt is the major source of sodium. Since pepsi contains a certain sodium, it is necessary for stage 4 kidney failure patients to drink less pepsi, so as to avoid further increase of high sodium level.

In our daily life, aside from drinking less pepsi, stage 4 kidney failure patients also need to avoid other foods high in sodium like meat pizz, white bread, processed cheese, hot dogs, sauce, ham, ketchup, white roll, flour tortilla, salty snacks, whole milk, cheese pizza and noodle soups and french fries and potato chips and so on.

Besides, I suggest your dad to bring his blood sugar under control, as persistent high blood sugar also cause damages on kidney tissues and thus worsen kidney condition. Stage 4 kidney failure is not severe enough for patients to start dialysis, but it means kidney function has been affected seriously. Under such a condition, if we do not take some actions to protect our kidney, dialysis or kidney transplant will be around the corner.

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