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Dialysis, Creatinine 9, Urea 136, Hemoglobin 11.6, Increased Urine Discharge

2013-05-30 16:48


I am suffering from chronic kidney failure since 2006. I am on dialysis from 2009. My creatinine level is 9, blood urea 136 and hemoglobin 11.6. Both sodium level and potassium level are normal. My urine discharge is 5l milliliter per the beginning urine discharge was very adays urine discharge is increasing. Please suggest me what to do. I m a 28 years old man.




Hi, thanks for leaving us message and I will try to give you more useful suggestions. If there is anything unclear or you have further questions, please email to directly.

Suggestions for you go as follow:

Firstly, since you are on dialysis now, protein intake will be adequate. Dialysis helps to remove toxins in blood and but also bring some protein away. For this reason, you need to ingest about 1.2g protein per pound of body weight a day.

Secondly, you mentioned your creatinine is 9 and urea 136, I’d like to know is this the test value before dialysis or after dialysis? Creatinine 9 is still very high and if it is the test result after the dialysis, I suggest you to found out the root cause of it firstly and then take corresponding measures. (There are different causes for high creatinine after dialysis, please consult our consultant online directly if you want to learn more)

Thirdly, do you know why your urine discharge is increasing? No matter you know the answer or not, I’d like to tell you that increased urine output is a good sign for kidney failure patients. Urine is produced while kidney filtering blood. You have urine discharge and it means your kidneys still have function to filter blood and there are still bloodstream in kidney. In such a case, there is hope for medicine that can help to repair kidney damages to flow into kidney with bloodstream. As for the medication, I suggest you try micro-Chinese medicine, as it can help to improve kidney function.

Lastly, your hemoglobin 11.6 is lower than the normal range (120-160g/L), which means you are suffering from anemia. Anemia is a common complication of kidney failure and deteriorate illness condition seriously. Therefore, please try every means to bring it under control. Both erythropoietin (rhEPO) therapy and iron replacement therapy can be applied to treat anemia. Also if the illness condition is severe enough, blood transfusion will be needed.

The above are the several suggestions for you. Although they can not help to cure kidney failure, they are helpful for you to improve your illness condition and life expectancy, so please put them in mind and you will be benefited a lot form them.

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