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Creatinine 3.7, Uric Acid 12.7, BUN 50: After Effects And Suggestions

2013-05-31 17:14


My aunt is an acute diabetic. Recently test reports show serum creatinine 3.7, serum uric acid 12.7 and blood urea nitrogen 50. What are the after effects of such results?



Hi, thanks for leaving us message. The followings are the analysis of these medical value and the corresponding suggestions. Hope it is helpful for you:

Serum Creatinine: Normal serum creatinine is 0.5-1.3. Serum creatinine 3.7 is about three times as high as the reference value. Many conditions can cause elevated creatinine level, but kidney problem is the major cause for such a high value. High creatinine level means there are lots of toxins in blood which may damage any part of her body like digestive system, heart, and nerve system and so on.

Serum uric acid: For adult female, serum creatinine is usually not higher than 3-5mg/dL. Serum uric acid 12.7 is much higher than the normal range, and it is the major symptom of hyperuricemic nephropathy. Besides, high serum uric acid is closely related with gout.

BUN: urea nitrogen is the end production of protein and normally kept in the range 9-20mg/dL. In this light, you can know her blood urea nitrogen has exceeded the normal range very much. BUN is an important index used to reflect how well kidney function and elevated BUN level always implies kidney problem.


1. All these abnormal test values signify kidney function has been impaired, so I suggest your aunt to go to nephrologist for treatment, otherwise her kidney function will keep decreasing, and finally dialysis or kidney transplant will be needed.

2. Does your aunt has any symptoms like high blood pressure and bubbly urine? All these symptoms can cause further kidney condition and accelerate illness progression, so please ask your aunt to bring them under control, which will be helpful for improving prognosis.

3. How is her blood sugar control? Similar with high blood pressure, persistent high blood sugar also damage kidney and impair kidney function. From this point of view, bring blood sugar into the normal range will be necessary for her.

4. Go to nutritionist for scientific diet, also you can leave message to us to get dietary principles with free of charge. Diet changes are necessary for reducing kidney burden and protecting residual kidney function, so try to found out what she can eat and she can not eat.

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