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61 Years Old, Kidney Failure, Nose Bleeding With Large Clots

2013-06-05 10:00


She is 61,when kidney failure causes nose bleeds does it also include constant nose bleeding with large clots? She just nose bleed constantly for 2 days.when it does stop for a few minutes she then get a big clot either out her nose or slides down her throat and is then coughed up.



Hi, so sorry to hear someone you know is suffering, May I know the relationship between you and the patient? As for you query, I’d like to explain in the following:

Kidney failure indeed causes nose bleeds. And in serious cases, constant nose bleeding with large clots will occur. Kidney failure is a severe illness condition and may involve all the body system if left uncontrolled. In general, kidney failure causes nose bleeding in the following several ways:

1. Damaged kidneys fail to discharge wastes produced by our body, leading to high levels of toxin in blood. These toxins affect the clotting mechanism, which can cause nose bleeding directly.

2. One of the major complains among kidney failure patients is persistent high blood pressure. Extremely elevated blood pressure cause rupture of mucous membrane, which is another major reason for kidney failure patients to suffer from nose bleeding.

3. Metabolic wastes which should have been discharged by kidneys affect platelets from working and inactivate coagulation factor, which also can cause nose bleeding symptom.

For kidney failure patients with nose bleedings, I’d like to offer the following suggestions:

1. If the toxin level in blood is extremely high, please go to dialysis to purify blood. Creatinine level is a commonly used indicator to measure how much toxins there are in blood.

2. Make sure the blood pressure is in the normal range. Various hypotensive drugs can be used to achieve this medical purpose. You can try different medications according to your illness condition, also you can try herbal medicines which have been proven to be effective in lowering blood pressure and meanwhile cause no side effects.

3. Protect residual kidney function, which will prevent nose bleeding from being worsened.

4. Kidney failure patients are also running a high risk for gastrointestinal tract bleeding and haematemesis which is usually caused by gastrointestinal mucosal ulcers. Therefore, try to protect intestines and stomach my adjusting diet.

5. Check to see if the number of platelets in blood is lower than the normal range.

Lastly, nose bleeding is just one of the clinical manifestation caused by kidney failure. And if we want to get this problem solved permanently, treating kidney failure plays a crucial role. (If you are interested in alternative treatment for kidney failure, please consult our consultant online to get related information)

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