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Creatinine 6.0, Water Intake 2.0, Urine Discharge 1.8

2013-06-06 09:15


My uncle 65 has creatinine 6.0. Water intake 2.0 liter & urine discharge 1.8 liter per day. Dialysis is done biweekly. Should we continue dialysis?



Whether a patient should do dialysis mainly depends on two factors:

1. Creatinine level: Dialysis is required for life safety when creatinine level becomes extremely high like 9, 10 or 11. Reference value of serum creatinine is 0.5-1.3mg/dL and elevated creatinine level means there are excess toxins in blood. You mentioned your uncle's creatinine is 6. Is it the value before dialysis or after dialysis?

2. Complications: for a kidney failure patient who has complications like heart problem, pulmonary edema, nausea, vomit and itchy skin, dialysis is needed; otherwise, these complications will become more and more severe. Besides, for these whose creatinine is as high as 5, if they have no severe complications, they can live free from dialysis. 

Dialysis is life-saving for many kidney failure patients and it could be the only chance for them to keep alive. However, it is torturous, so getting off dialysis is the common pursuit for these who have started dialysis. Dialysis helps to purify blood, but can not repair kidney damages. Therefore, once kidney failure patients start dialysis, they can not stop it casually.

In clinic, kidney failure patients can get off dialysis only when their kidney function improves to a certain degree, usually when GFR is no less than 15. Your uncle has urine discharge 1.8 liter a day, which is rally very good, as it means your uncle has a great chance to get his kidney function improved. As long as his GFR is increased to 15, he can stop dialysis.

Has your uncle done any tests recently? I suggest you send his test reports to Our experts will help to analyse his illness condition and then give more accurate and practical suggestions.

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