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CKD Stage 3-4 Symptoms: How Long CKD Stage 3 Go Up To Stage 4

2013-06-07 10:00


What are the symptoms that CKD stage 3 progresses to stage 4 or how long will it take to go up to stage 4?



CKD is the progressive loss of kidney function. CKD stage 4 is a comparatively severe stage, in comparison with stage 3. For patients living with stage 4 kidney disease, they usually suffer from much more and more serious symptoms.

Symptoms of CKD stage 3: In the very initial stage, kidney disease patients experience no obvious symptoms. And when illness condition progresses to stage 3, various symptoms emerge. Symptoms that may start to become present in CKD stage 3 include, high blood pressure, fatigue, fluid retention, strange urine color (dark orange, brown, eat colored or red), increased urine output, decreased urine output, frequent urination at night, kidney pain and sleep problems.

Symptoms of CKD stage 4: CKD stage 4 is marked by GFR 15-29. For CKD stage 3 patients, with the progression of illness condition, discomforts they are experiencing will become more serious. Besides, when kidney disease runs to stage 4, some other symptoms like bubbly urine, itching skin, nausea, vomiting, poor appetite, poor concentration, bad taste in mouth and even shortness of breath.

How long before CKD stage 3 goes up to stage 4?

Chronic Kidney Disease is an illness with long course. In different cases, kidney disease progresses at different pace. For patients living with CKD stage 3, their immune system is weak, which makes them are at high risk for infection and cold. Both infection and cold can cause acute progression of illness, leading to acute kidney failure. Therefore, it is very hard to give an accurate value about how long CKD stage 3 progresses to stage 4.

CKD is incurable, but its progression can be slowed down and even stopped if treatment is timely and effective enough. The following methods will help to slow down CKD stage 3 from developing to CKD stage 4:

1. Prevent cold and infection actively.

2. Bring blood pressure, blood sugar and proteinuria under control, which can help to protect residual kidney tissues to some extent.

3. Make your diet beneficial for your illness condition. Generally, CKD patients need to follow low-salt diet, low-protein diet, low-potassium diet and low-phosphorus diet. (Exact nutrition intake depends on patients’ illness condition very much, you can consult our consultant online to know the proper intake for you, or you can send your test report to, our experts will offer you some free suggestions according to your illness condition )

4. Adjust your fluid intake and avoid drinking too much or too less water everyday.

5. Kick bad living habits like smoking and drinking alcohol.

6. Have physical test regularly

7. Talk with your doctors directly when there are discomforts after taking some medicines.

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