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Chronic Kidney Failure: Definition, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

2013-06-07 11:14


My brothers girlfriend wasn't given very long to live because her kidneys are failing and she has a blood disorder so I was just trying to understand what this meant.



Definition of Chronic Kidney Failure

Chronic Kidney Failure refers to an illness condition in which kidney function keeps decreasing over time. Kidney is an important organ with multiple functions, so when kidney function is impaired, our normal physical activity will be affected seriously. Besides, when Chronic Kidney Failure develops to late stage, other body organs like heart will be threatened easily. Chronic Kidney Failure is life-threatening, especially when it runs to advanced stage.

Causes of Chronic Kidney Failure

Chronic Kidney Failure is a medical term used to describe the progressive decline of kidney function. In our daily life, many illnesses can cause kidney damages and thus lead to decrease of kidney function. According to clinical statistic, the leading two causes of Chronic Kidney Failure are Hypertension and Diabetes. Aside from them, many other illnesses also can cause progressive loss of kidney function if not treated well and they are Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), Purpura, Kidney Stone, Amyloidosis, Kidney Cyst, Polycystic Kidney Disease, Nephrotic Syndrome, Nephritis, IgA Nephropathy, Focal Segmental Glomerulous Sclerosis, Alport Syndrome and Hyperuricemia and so on.

Symptoms of Chronic Kidney Failure

Kidney is a bean-shaped organ with complicated structure. On the basis of pathological changes, there are different types of kidney problem, so symptoms caused by Chronic Kidney Failure maybe different from cases to cases; but generally they will experience the following symptoms with the progression of illness condition: bubbly urine, blood urine, high blood pressure, fatigue, swelling, nausea, vomiting, itching skin, poor appetite, metabolic taste in mouth, insomnia, frequent urination at night, decreased urine discharge, difficult in concentrating and shortness of breath and so on.

Treatment of Chronic Kidney Failure

For primary kidney disease, treatment should contain tight control of symptoms, proper diet changes, protection of residual kidney function and repairing of injured kidney intrinsic cells. However, for patients whose kidney problem is secondary to other diseases, aside from the above aspects, they also need to treat primary disease actively.

Many medications can be used by Chronic Kidney Failure patients who still have a certain of kidney function, but for these whose kidneys are damaged completely, dialysis or kidney transplant will be the last option. Seeing from this angle, seizing chances for treatment means a lot for Chronic Kidney Failure patients with early stage illness.(For detailed information, please tell us by leaving message to

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