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Treatment And Causes Of Muscle Tremors In End Stage Renal Disease

2013-06-08 14:24


“What is the cause of muscle tremors in patients with end stage renal disease and how do I treat?”



Treatment And Causes Of Muscle Tremors In End Stage Renal DiseaseCauses of muscle tremors in patients with end stage renal disease?

Muscle Tremors or muscle twitch is a bothersome symptom of End Stage Renal Disease which can be shorted as ESRD. In clinic, end stage renal disease patients experience muscle tremors mainly due to hypocalcemia which can be caused by:

1. Strict diet limitation which makes them unable in ingesting adequate vitamin D.

2. Metabolic disorder of Vitamin D: Vitamin D3 plays an essential role for our body to absorb enough calcium. For end stage renal disease patients, their vitamin D3 level is usually lower than the normal range, which will cause hypocalcemia and thus trigger muscle tremors.

3. Retention of excess phosphorate in the body: ratio of calcium and phosphorus is always kept in a stable range. Affected kidneys fail to discharge excess phosphorus, leading to hyperphosphatemia and hypocalcemia.

Clinical observation shows mild hypocalcemia cause no muscle twitch, but symptoms like numb and bitting limbs and lips. Muscle tremors always implies illness condition has developed to a very severe stage. At that time, an effective treatment is urgently needed.

How to treat muscle tremors in End Stage Renal Disease?

For end stage renal disease patients, eating much more foods with high calcium is very beneficial. But it is not effective enough to get muscle tremors removed radically To get muscle twitch managed well, the following actions are essential:

1. Dietary calcium supplement: this will help to adjust calcium level in blood and thus alleviate hypocalcemia.

2. Since onset of muscle tremors is related with hyperphosphatemia, controlling phosphorus level in blood is necessary. Phosphate binder can be used to reduce phosphorus in blood.

3. Improve kidney function naturally: Herbs like dandelion, bearberry, milk thistle, astragalus, burdock, uva ursi, horsetail and Asian ginseng all are helpful for improving kidney function. But improper does and usage of them will cause further health problems, so please talk with your doctor for the possible side effects and proper dose before taking them. Besides, you can also try Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy (see the video) which combines various Chinese herbs and show more obvious treatment effects.

Muscle tremors is just a clinical manifestation of end stage kidney disease, so if we want to get it treated radically, treatment needs to start from repairing kidney damages and improving kidney function.

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