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Kidney Failure, Signs of Rejection after Kidney Transplant

2013-06-28 17:29


My son was a patient of kidney failure and had a kidney transplant 3 moths ago, but now he has high protein level like at 2400. Is that a sign of rejection?



Kidney transplant and dialysis are the last two options for people with completely failed kidney. Kidney transplant is a hope for kidney failure patients to get off dialysis, but in many cases, serious rejection causes failure of kidney transplant and this always put on dialysis again. Here, we will introduce the sign of kidney rejection and hope it is helpful.

Most kidney transplant recipients will experience some type of kidney rejection symptoms. And in clinic, there mainly three types of kidney rejection, each with its own set of symptoms:

1. Hyperacute rejection

Hyperacute rejection usually occurs within the first two days after surgery and is always marked by increased blood pressure and fever. When Hyperacute rejection occurs, a surgery is usually urgently needed to remove the new kidney.

2. Acute rejection

Acute rejection occurs easily within the first six months after the surgery. For patients with acute rejection, they may experience sings like high fever (usually higher than 100 degrees), swollen hand and feet, fatigue, high blood pressure, kidney pain, electrolyte disturbance, and decreased urine output and so on.

3. Chronic rejection

Chronic rejection may occur at any time and signs of chronic rejection include swelling of limbs, tiredness, elevation of creatinine and BUN, protein in urine, and blood in urine and so on. Dialysis will be required when donor kidney fails.

The above are the introduction about signs of rejection after kidney transplant. You mentioned your son has high level of protein in urine. As for this point, I’d like to say although kidney rejection is one of the possible cause for him to suffer from proteinuria, but it is not the only cause. You know there are some other conditions like injection that also can cause high protein level in blood. What is his serum creatinine level now? And does he have any other symptoms? Do you have the test report? If yes, you can send to and our experts will help to analyze and then give some practical suggestions.

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