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Renal Failure Treatment


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How To Protect Kidneys With Renal Failure

2013-07-06 16:52


How to protect kidneys with renal failure? My sister-in-law was told to have 20% kidney function now. What can she do now?


Hi, thanks for leaving us message. Please do not worry, i will try to give you some guidance. You know there are only 20% kidney function left and what she needs to avoid everything that might cause damage on her kidneys. To achieve this purpose, the followings measures are necessary:

1. First of all, please make sure bring all her symptoms under control. Renal failure is an illness condition that may involve all the body systems. It can cause various symptoms which may worsen kidney condition and accelerate illness. Therefore, please make sure these symptoms are controlled well.

2. Secondly, has she made any diet changes? For renal failure patients, a scientific diet is very necessary and this may help to reduce kidney burden and protect residual kidney function. For your sister-in-law, what she can eat depends on her specific illness condition very much. Do you have the test report? You can send to Our experts will help to analyze illness condition and offer diet suggestions.

3. Avoid medications that do harm for kidneys. For this point, you can visit Medicines Not To Take With Kidney Failure.

4. Visit doctors regularly and talk with doctor immediately if there is anything wrong different.

5. Does your sister has habit of smoking and drinking alcohol? If yes, please help her to kick them as quickly as possible. Though these bad living habits cause no kidney damages directly, they may increase their risk for serious complications like cardiovascular disease.

6. Remember to develop regular bed habit and avoid staying up the whole night.

I do not know too much about her exact illness condition, so it is hard for me to give more practical and specific suggestions. If you want to get more detailed information about how to protect kidney with renal failure, please contact us directly by leaving message in the below.

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