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Still Peeing In Chronic Kidney Failure

2013-08-09 09:33


My boyfriend has Chronic Kidney Failure. The doctor told him he will stop peeing and swell up, but he has no sign of this. He is on dialysis 4 hours 3 times a week. My question is he is still peeing, would not that mean his kidney are still working?



Hi, we have received your email and thanks for emailing us. I’d like to give you some suggestions according to the illness condition that you described in email. Hope it is helpful for you. Also, I suggest you send your boyfriend’s test report to us, so that we can have an overall understanding about his illness condition and then give more detailed and practical suggestions.

You said he still has urine output and I’d like to say it is really great to hear this news. You know we receive lots of emails before and now. Most of these patients have started dialysis for many years and they have no urine output for a very long time. We’d like to spare no effort to help every kidney disease patient, but for these who have no urine output for more than half a year, there is nothing we can do to help them. You know kidney is the organ that can help to produce urine and discharge wastes in blood. Your boyfriend is still peeing and it indeed indicates there are still healthy kidney function in his kidney. Under such a condition, there is chance for him to get off dialysis or at least reduce dialysis frequency.

He is relying on dialysis now, but I am quite sure dialysis is not the only option for him. Dialysis helps to purify blood and protect other internal organs, but disappointedly, it can not repair kidney damages to improve kidney function. Therefore, I suggest your boyfriend to try an alternative method and it is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is recommended as it is the only treatment that can helps to improve kidney function. If you are interested in this treatment method, this video will be helpful for you: Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.

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